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For The Modern Practitioner Who Wants More Energy, Better Health and Youthful Longevity.

Tan Tai Chi is Based on Three Core Principles: 









With Self

With Spirit

With Others

With Nature





Self Defence

Freestyle Form

Hi, I'm Ben, the founder of Tan Tai Chi. I have taught Tai Chi to over 5,000 people and I look forward to sharing my passion with you too. Please have a look around this site. I am here to help you achieve optimal health, live pain free, and connect deeply with your mind, body and soul

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Imagine waking up every day with an abundance of energy. You feel amazing, your mind is clear and your breathing is clam and relaxed...

Tan Style Tai Chi recognizes that you the practitioner as an individual along with your lifestyle, and the society around you is constantly evolving. With this your Tai Chi must also evolve to maximize your physical, mental and spiritual growth.

No Theories, Only Results!


Tan Tai Chi is Easy to Learn And Remember.

Listen to your intuition as you practice. Close your eyes. Feel the ground under your feet the sun and wind  kissing your skin. Find your sacred space to practice your Tai Chi.

If you live near a lake, a river, the ocean, or a beautiful park, go to these places for your tai chi practice.  When possible, train outdoors breathing fresh air and listening to the birds sing.

Seek out the best place you can find in your neighbourhood. Somewhere peaceful that you connect with. Training under a beautiful tree is excellent. Just do it a few times and you will be convinced.  Training near water is magical.

The main thing is, do not make location an excuse. Any training is better than no training. Five minutes standing in a messy kitchen with a noisy television in the background, is better than no training by the ocean. 

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